Monday, 24 September 2012

The sleepy Ward member... Golden investigator and... Injured hand!

"The Sleepy Ward Member! :)
So, on Friday a member asked us to go do some service for him. So we did! We prayed all week for sun, and when Friday came around, it was the only Sunny day of the week! Woo! :)
What was the service he wanted from us? He wanted to rearrange his shed. He goes into his house to get his shed's key. Then he opened the shed door. All that was in the shed was one of those scooters for old people, 5 bags of Wheat and two bottles filled with some kind of pink liquid :S And all that he wanted us to do was take the scooter out, and then move the Wheat bags and the two bottles from one side, to the other. So service was done in like... 30mins? The only reason why it took so long was because there's a tree in front of the shed's door and so it was really hard to get the scooter out! haha! Anyway, he then was like, I just need to get something from the house, but go ahead and play a little bit on the scooter. We had SO much fun! xD They actually go quite fast! It's hilarious! haha! Everyone who saw us, looked at us like "Huh?!" haha :) But yeah, after the service he was like, come in, come in. As we sat down on the sofa, he picked up his laptop, turned it on, and while it was booting, he fell asleep :P haha! It was the first time it happened with Elder Matute so he couldn't stop laughing  Every now and then we'd say things to wake him up, but he'd go straight back to sleep! One time I said "have you found me on yet? and he was like "no" so he clicks the browser shortcut and... he was asleep! xD hahahaha
Golden Investigator
So, on Saturday we biked our way back to Dalton to do some tracting there. We were knocking on doors and either no one answered or they opened the door and said straightaway "Not interested!" :P BUT, we kept going! We couldn't lose the faith!
Then we knock at this door which has a glass window which distorts the images from the other side, so all that I could see was that a woman was coming to open the door. Usually, when it is a woman in her 30/40s I have a "database" of opening sentences that I use with them, usually to do with eternal families. However, when the door opened, it was a girl in her late teens. Darn. :P Suddenly I had to look for something new to say really quickly, and I'm not sure what I said. :/ But anyways, we started speaking to her about Jesus Christ and she said she was Christian and she goes regularly to church and stuff. We got onto introductions, and then we moved on to our unique message, the restoration and the BoM! So we asked her if she'd heard about the Book of Mormon before and she said "No, but I like the way Mormons think!" :O WHAT?! haha So we kept talking with her, she said that the only thing she didnt agree with Mormons is plural marriage. When we said it didnt happen anymore she was like "Good!" haha :)
But yeah, we set up an appointment with her for Thursday and she gave us her number, etc. She was so prepared! She also told us that her mum's husband was Mormon :S Less-active probably...
But anyway, on Sunday we realized that we never set a time with her! :O Such a deadly mistake! So we texted her and asked her if she could do it Thursday at 4pm. She said that yes, she could do it right after college, and then she asked "Can we do it at your chapel? I'd love to see it!" Oh my goodness! YES! :D Such a golden investigator! Not even kidding! :D
But yeah... Pray that the appointment will go ahead and that she will accept to read and pray about the BoM and Joseph Smith! :) And that she will accept to be baptized too! :)
My injured hand
Well... Now that is quite a story! :P Mum, just so you know, my hand is my only injury, and it's pretty much healed anyway! :) Don't call president about it :P hahaha! :)
So, after we finished tracting on Saturday, we decided to make our way back home, and try by a LA on the way through Dalton. We were on a hill, and so, as we were making our way down Dalton, our bikes got into a little bit of speed. Nothing that I couldnt control though! We are always going pretty quickly and I've always got my hand ready on the brake! :) However, we were on this curvy bit of road by the Train Station and what I didn't see, was that in the middle of the road was Horse Poo. Rubbish! :P so as I was turning, I saw the poop but it was too late already! :O My front wheel went through it alright but my back wheel skidded over it! So instead of going forward, my bike was going side ways! :O
Somehow though, I managed to jump off my bike before it hit the pavement :S I only had about 2 meters! And as I jumped, there was a "muro de pedra" which separated the road from the Train track. As I jumped off my bike I reached for the wall to stop myself and stay standing. Well, the wall was curved too, so although my left hand landed where I planned, my right hand kept going forward a bit more and got scratched by the wall. Elder Matute was ahead of me so he didnt even see it happening :P So I grabbed my bike and walked onto the bench nearby. As I was getting to the bench he appeared again. And because I was prepared, I had my 1st Aid kit with me! :) So I cleaned my hand, and put some Anti-septic on it! :) No plasters though. I don't like them! :P hahaha :) But yeah. The scratches have been keeping me up at night because i move my hand so much when i sleep, and it wakes me up because sometimes it gets caught on the bed :P haha But it's all good! :) I'll ride my bike more safely now! :P haha"

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