Monday, 10 September 2012

Busy busy week!

"On Thursday we had a tea appointment at a Ward sister's home. Her husband is a LA member who was probably only baptized because his wife made him be baptized long ago... He is always "insulting" us whenever we go round and calls us mormons, JWs, swears in front of us, puts his headphones on when we start talking etc... But Elder Matute and I decided we'd make him our friend :P So while he was watching TV during dinner, which is right above our heads (so we dont watch it), we started asking him questions about the Paralympics, whenever he insulted us we just laughed, etc... Eventually we asked him if he knew when the Wheelchair Rugby was on, and so he looked on the TV for us. It was yesterday on Sunday! :( We were very upset so we were like "We'll just watch the Semi-finals we guess...." and then... "I guess I could record it... and you could come over and we'd watch it together..." BAM! :D Haha! So on Wednesday we are going to go watch the Rugby with him xD haha! Love it! :P We are allowed to watch 90min of the Olympics.
Because of the last two weeks, I don't think I will be a gardnerer anymore when I get home.... I will be a Removals man! We've helped three families move homes in 3 weeks! :O How crazy is that?! :P
Earlier this week we had sort of a scary experience! :O As you know, one of our best friends as missionaries is our phone! We call members for fellowshipping, investigators to set up lessons, mission leaders for reporting every night, etc. Well, On Tuesday we went out for dinner and then we went teaching. When we got to the investigators we realized that we didn't have our phone with us. :/ We'd lost the phone! :O So we looked everywhere... and the phone was nowhere to be found. We had no idea what to do. :/ We were absolutely lost! After we taught the investigators, we went home and guess what... The phone was under a Primark bag on our table in the Living room xD Oops! xD hahahaha!
Now let's talk about Sunday! Jenny and the Kennyons were there for church and Jenny is now ready for baptism! :D Elder Chan will interview her tomorrow and her baptism will be Saturday at 10:30am. She is an elderly lady so she has asked for two people to be in the font baptizing her so she feels safe, and she really wants me and Elder Leimgrub to be the ones to do it. So yesterday I got to speak to Elder Leimgrub on the Phone! :D It was the best!"

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