Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Crazy week!

"You see, this is what happened. On Monday, a member from the Ward was moving home and asked help from the ward. Now, everyone in the ward is old so the only help that she could get was from us, the missionaries. We started at 11am and only finished at 3:45pm! We did our best to serve the people so we will be blessed! ;)"

"Last Friday, Elder Matute and I had quite an interesting adventure! Our Ward Mission Leader was feeling quite bad with Migraines and so he cancelled Correlation Meeting. We asked him if he would like a blessing, and eventually he agreed to it. The reason why he was a bit reluctant was because he lives quite far. He lives in a town called Dalton - check it on the map. But we went there on our bikes. Now, the distance even though it was quite far wasn't the worst... The worst thing was the fact that it was raining a lot! By the time we got to Dalton we were wet to our underwear... but we gave the WML the Blessing and made our way back to Barrow. It was raining even harder on the way back! It was mad! Now, it was 8:55pm and we were wet and cold we just wanted to go home. However, we still had 5mins of proselyting time so we decided to knock on one more door. We tried one door and no one answered. So we tried the door next to it. We had the most amazing conversation with this man who opened the door! He even prayed with us! :D Woooo! MIRACLE! :D
Then on Saturday we saw another Miracle! We decided to cycle back to Dalton, the WML was feeling better and we were going to have correlation meeting. But we got to Dalton 15mins early so we decided to do some tracting. As we started tracting we weren't seeing any success. The 8mins before our meeting started we knocked on a door, and this young man on his 20s answered the door. He is Irish and he is in the army, but as we started to talk to him we had a really good conversation and found out he had just had a baby - well... his wife did... you know what I mean! So we started to talk about how the Gospel blesses families and he accepted the Book of Mormon and gave us his details so we can call him. :D :D :D"

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