Monday, 1 October 2012

Service... Cultural differences!

"Service Friday!
We went around a member's home to give her some service. We painted her kitchen walls. After Service, I showed my family pictures to the sister and Elder Matute jokingly said, pointing to Raquel, "That's my future wife!" (It's a joke, as missionaries, to want to marry each other's sisters) to which Sister Kennyon replied "I don't think she'd like you"... :S haha OUCH! :P Hahaha.
But yeah, and as if that wasn't insulting enough, we kept talking about marriage and then she turned to us and said "You two keep talking about marriage, but what if no one wants to marry you?" BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I just found it hilarious :P
But yeah... That was service on Friday!
Cultural differences!
Elder Matute was texting one of our investigators on the other day, and she sent an "x" at the end of the text. For Elder Matute (in Spanish) that means "Why?", "how?", etc. So he replied with a super ridiculous text! xD it was hilarious! I laughed so much! When I told him that an "x" was a kiss, he got so embarrassed xD hahahaha!
Right now
Well, I am going to be honest, but mum, if you go into ultra protective mum mode, I won't be able to be honest again! ;) haha I have a cold at the moment and so we werent able to go out and work last night :( Nights have been pretty horrible, but, I feel slightly better today! Thankfully I don't have a temperature though! :D Elder Matute has been great. He has made me soup, and other warm foods, keeps telling me not to wash the dishes, etc :P hahaha
But yeah... Im surprised my nose isn't super sore yet seeing as I have been blowing it so much :(
I am starving right now! Some things never change!;)"

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