Monday, 17 September 2012

What a lovely week!

"What a wonderful week this has been! Seriously! Wow! I wish I could just like, share every single second of it with you! However, I do not think you want to know about my trips to the toilet, etc... ;) hahahahahaha! I bet you are now thinking "Oh boy. 4 months and he still hasnt changed" Sorry! But somethings never change! ;) hehehehehe!

Let's see.... THE BAPTISM!
So on Saturday we had Jenny's baptism! :D At about 10:20, people started turning up. There were about 20 members there! :D How sweet is that?! At about 10:25 Jenny got there, got changed into white, and so did we. She had asked me to baptize her, and Elder Matute had to go in the water because Jenny and her family wanted two people to help her.
Oh yeah, by the way, Elder Leimgrub wasn't able to come :( Barrow is too far from Stockport, and it would also have been too expensive :( But it's ok, it was jenny's day, not mine or Elder Leimgrub's.
We took a couple of pictures (waheyy!) and then the service started. It was one of the smoothest Baptismal Meetings I've been in.
When we went in the font I was quite nervous that she'd fall. She is reaching the end of her life, and they got told they'd know that because she'd start losing her balance. That's why we had two people in the water.
Later on Saturday, Sister Kennyon called us and told us that Jenny had told her that apart from her daughters' birth, her baptism was the best day of her life! :D How sweet is that?! :D
On sunday, it was 10:30am and Jenny got confirmed as a member of the church and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost! :) In Gospel Principles she told us that "when you all put your hands on my head, I could feel warmth coming from you!" Sweeeeet! :D Such a great weekend! :)"


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