Friday, 31 August 2012

Staying in Barrow for another transfer with...

"Yes, I am staying in Barrow for another Transfer! And guess what... I have a new companion! :) His name is Elder Matute! He is from Honduras and has now been out for 10 months. He is such an amazing and powerful missionary! He has taught me so much already and we have only been together for two days! :O He is a believer of "Inviting" - not just investigators, but also missionaries. He told me that if there is something that he thinks I could become more obedient in or improve in, he will invite me to make a change once and after that it will be up to me to decide whether or not to accept that invitation. Agency is one of the greatest gifts we've received from God and he doesnt want to take it away from me or our investigators."

"Last Saturday we had a very interesting experience! As we were on our way to see an investigator, one of his neighbours called us over to his house. He asked us why we were always in that street and we explained that we had a friend who lived there. He knew exactly who it was. So he was like "Do you want me to come over with you?" and we were telling that no we'd go by himself, but then he crosses the road and knocks on the door, lifts the post box flap and shouts for the investigator, and even tried to open the door. It was MAD. haha! Then he invited us to his house and he went in. And the crazy things began to happen. First of all he offered us cigarrettes, beer, tea, coffe and vodka. :/ At which point I realized he was DRUNK. Then he started asking us how much knowledge we had in our head. I said that I'd finished Sixth Form and he was like "But how much knowledge have you got?! I've got 500 years worth of knowledge!" - Turns out that apparently he saw some UFOs and they gave him all the knowledge of the world. He started asking us questions about Quantum Mechanics and the Universe :S It was so weird! Then he wouldn't let us call God "God", we were only allowed to call Him either "Heavenly Father" (what we called Him) or ET (what Martin called Him). Oh my goodness! It was crazy. He also kept telling us he knew EVERYTHING. When we asked him if he knew about the Book of Mormon he was like "Of course! I know everything!" So Elder Leimgrub asked him "Who was Captain Moroni?" His response: "He... had... a boat!" LOL! After he said that we were like, "see there is something that we can share with you! We'd love to come back tomorrow when you are a bit more sober" but he was like "No! Tell me about him now!" but we couldnt because we had an appointment and so we told him that and he said "You wont leave till you tell me because Ill lock the door." OH MY GOODNESS!!! AAAAAAAAH! I have to admit, I got scared for a bit! :/ I quickly told him who Captain Moroni was and we left. lol We did go back the next day and he wasn't drunk anymore, but he was still just as crazy about aliens and UFOs :S :P"

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