Monday, 6 August 2012

New bikes!

"Because of our new bikes and our "AMAZING" helmets, the ammount of abuse we get has now SKYROCKETED! hahaha! And the other day, as we were riding past quite a dodgy area, three kids started throwing stones at me! :O Thankfully they all missed me because just like with Samuel the Lamanite I am being protected but it was scary! In the space of 30 seconds in that street I nearly got stoned, a kid aimed his nerf gun at me, some men called us "Jehova" and shouted at us saying we wouldn't get anyone, a kid called us "Mormons" and started blaspheming, and a lady in a car shouted through her window "Get a life!" with some swearing in between. It was rather scary... but it also gave us something to laugh about at night! xD
Our Zone leaders, whenever we tell them about crazy things like that, say to us: "Have you thanked God yet?"
You see, it is believed that if we face a lot of opposition is because we are getting close and Satan is not happy. Elder Leimgrub and I like to think like this: Every time someone shouts abuse at us, threatens us, or it starts raining, we get wife points and our future wives get prettier! So expect me to marry an absolutely gorgeous woman once I get back home! ;) hahaha!"

Elder Pereira will have the opportunity to go to the temple this week and he is very excited about it! Two of the investigators made it to church on Sunday which also made him very happy!

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