Monday, 20 August 2012

Opposition always comes before we see miracles!

"That was this week's weekly focus, and how true it was. There is a lot of opposition out there! I seriously appreciate the missionaries we used to have a lot more, now that I am a missionary!"

"Mount Snowdon... Well! Let me tell you about Mount Snowdon. Because Barrow is so far from everything, on Tuesday, the Workington Elders picked us up and took us to Lancaster. There were 8 Elders sleeping at Lancaster. The Lancaster, Carslile, Workington and Barrow Elders. SO MUCH FUN and so many laughs. We went to bed at 10:30pm.
We then woke up at 3:50am so everyone could shower. Then we left the flat at 5am and got to Preston at 5:45am. We then (the Preston Zone) got on a BIG coach and most of us went to sleep. Others sang. It was fun! The coach then picked missionaries up from Liverpool and Chester and so it was packed with missionaries. And once we got to Wales/Mount Snowdon there some other missionaries there too. Including Sister Garland! It was so fun to see her! haha
The weather was really nice in the morning, so everyone had tshirts on.
We started to go up the mountain.
Then the rainstorn started.
20 mins into the hike it starts raining like MAD. It takes 3 hours to get up there and 2 hours to get down. So it was not fun to be walking all the way up. Especially when the rain drops were as big as grapes and they were going sideways! 90 degrees! NO JOKES! :O It was intense.
I spent most of the hike with Elders Duran and Webb, and with Sisters Horne and Miner. We were climbing it in single file, so I didn't really get to chose who to be with, but they are great! We laughed so much!
Throughout the whole hike everyone was talking about getting to the top of the mountain and having a hot chocolate from the shop up there. Funny thing is, when we got up to the top of the mountain, the shop was closed because the weather was too windy and horrible.
So everyone was wet and cold and just frustrated because cameras weren't working anymore and opposition was all over the place.
After we got back down however, it got sunny. And President Preston got us all SUBWAY! YUM. So our spirits were high again. Everyone came closer together and we had to help each other stay positive. so it was definitely an activity to help us grow.
Unfortunately, the whole bus ride I was quite upset because I found out my journal was ruined. But after a while of being devastated I was like "forget about it! I want to be happy!" So I went up to the front and just chatted with Elders Tellen, Barth, Webb, Diaz, Leimgrub, Kuchar and Schmid. It was great."

Elder Pereira also had his first baptism. He was really happy for the young boy, and the baptism went well. However there are no photos as the bad weather from the climb damaged the camera and no one in the Ward had a camera.

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