Monday, 13 August 2012

A bit of a tough week!

"So, like the Subject says, this week was rather tough! We had some appointments set up from last week that fell through and the ones we set up this week also fell through. Sad days. BUT!!!! Faith brings about Miracles! :)
There's something called Key Indicators. They are numbers which we report to our leaders and to Church HQ. Our Mission President set up a Mission Standard of excellence, which are numbers that every companionship can reach every week. He came up with it through Prayer and Revelation of course. When we went to the Temple, part of the Temple trip was to recommit ourselves. Recommit ourselves to the Lord Personally, but also to the Mission's Standards of Excellence.
So even though the Numbers in the Standard are pretty high, that's what Elder Leimgrub and I have planned and set as goals for this week! And tell you what... When you thouroughly plan, you can see miracles happen! The Lord helps you out! We spent so much time and effort planning that we have been able to pretty much see how we are going to reach those goals! I am excited for this week!"

"Being at the Temple was so good! I just loved it! I love the feeling of being there! It's like being at home! You forget about all the worries outside of the building. And the Silence in the Celestial Room <3 Love it!
There was so much peace inside of me after that endowment session! But as soon as we stepped out of the Temple doors, there were kids running around, playing with the pond's water and getting each other wet, etc. SPIRIT WAS OUT OF THERE! :("

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