Monday, 4 February 2013

"For it must needs be, that there is an aopposition in all things"

"We seriously got all sorts of things happening!
Let’s start from the beginning though.
On Monday we taught our Investigator the Plan of Salvation Part I which went really well I believe! We taught her in the Library and she seems to understand things alright. During our lesson though, a member of staff here in the library asked to speak to me and told us off for approaching people in the Library. I explained to her that we hadn’t approached our investigator in the library, it was just a warm place where we agreed to meet. The lady was speaking quite loud, but she let us be once she realized that we weren’t approaching people in the library.
On Tuesday we saw a great Miracle happen! Before going to a tea appointment we decided to try by a Potential Investigator from Romania. He was in and invited us in. We ended up teaching him, his girlfriend and her daughter! They seem pretty promising! The lady and the lady’s daughter are actually from Bulgaria! Elder Miranda and I will be visiting them tomorrow so I am excited!
Wednesday Miracle was that we managed to get two less active young men to Mutual! They were doing remote controlled car racing and I think both of them had a great time!
Thursday was just a blast! Although it did start with quite an adventure! Elder Debenham and I got to Piccadilly at 8:10am but only got to the chapel at 10:15am. Why? Because we got on the 43 bus instead of the 101 which got us completely lost, but we were rescued by Elders Cox and White.
I loved playing Sports with all the missionaries, but I have to admit, it was surprisingly strange to do it, and time went incredibly slowly! Even though I had a lot of fun at Sports Day it was also the longest day of my mission!
I got to see Elder Matute which I was really happy about. It was good to hear about all the amazing Miracles him and Elder Honour saw up there in the last 4 months. I think that the best part of Sports Day was definitely the catching up – and the volleyball!
Saturday… Wow… Definitely what made the week so weird! I feel like Satan was trying to step on us and squish us all day! We met a man who seemed to have been possessed by some kind of evil spirit. Also, Elder Debenham got threatened “do you want a slap?” An old man swore at us and when he shut the door almost hit Elder Debenham’s face. Then his neighbour started shouting at us because we were knocking on elderly people’s homes on the Weekend. Yet another man seemed possessed when he walked past us and started shouting abuse at us and saying things like “Devil worshippers”.
But the one thing that was really sad on Saturday was that a Less Active Member's brother passed away at age 38. We spoke to her on the phone and she was really upset. However, she bore testimony to us that she knows he will go to a better place and that he will be with their grandma.
It’s always so weird to think what kinds of things I am exposed to as a missionary even though I am only 19, but I thank the Lord so much for this opportunity to serve him, experience life and grow.
Sunday was amazing though! I think it was one of my favourite Sundays EVER.
Testimony Meeting was all about the scriptures and encouraging youth to stay active. It was brilliant! There were three members that spoke to us about friends they have that they are sharing the Gospel with so we asked them to invite their friends to meet with us. We then helped to teach a Primary lesson and it was all about the First Vision. We even sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer with them!
I love Shrewsbury so much!"

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