Monday, 18 February 2013

Getting to know the EMM President's Home Ward!

"It seems like I only just wrote you a couple of days ago! But I guess that I can always find some things to talk about!
I finally got to meet the ward! Apparently there are usually a little bit more people than there were yesterday, but it seems like a nice sized ward! It was really funny to see how much people were excited to have Sister Missionaries in the ward, but hopefully I can win their love too!;) Sacrament meeting was incredibly smooth.
Gospel Principles was interesting! Turns out that only one of the investigators speaks English! So the Sisters were having a slightly hard time teaching the class because there was no participation going on. Bless them! They did a great job though!
In Priesthood I got an opportunity to translate the meeting into Portuguese. But oh my goodness! I hadn’t translated anything into Portuguese in over 9 months! It reminded me of back at home when I used to translate Sacrament Meeting into Portuguese, and why it was that we always had a glass of water by us! It was great though! I do love to speak my mother language! Even if yesterday I was making some crazy mistakes and struggling to remember Gospel words!
We have some good investigators and recent converts here! There’s a lady that was there at church who is going to be baptized on the 2nd of March! She is so excited! She thought it was this coming Saturday and so she was already telling everyone about it! She is from Nigeria, and she made her own way to church. I think she is pretty committed! I am very excited!
Elder Lesueur is so good! He is always trying to improve which is great! And he is very humble and teachable. On Saturday we had our first opportunity to Roleplay together and I really enjoyed it. He doesn’t talk too little or two long. We are able to have a balance between the two and have unity. It’s great!
It’s weird to think that on my first transfer I could barely say two sentences before looking at Elder Leimgrub because I had no clue what to say, but now I struggle to stop talking once I get going! I trust him though, and I know Elder Lesueur will be such an incredible missionary.
I truly believe that when you magnify your calling, your calling magnifies you. I love this work so much! I know that the Lord is with us."

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