Monday, 28 January 2013

Some weeks are rough, but... miracles always happen!

"Oh my goodness, some weeks are so rough! I don’t think that I have had so many appointments fall through in a week! I always get quite upset when on paper it looks like it will be an amazing week, but then everything goes against your plans. But of course, I’ll focus on the bright side of life and the amazing experiences that we have had here in Shrewsbury this week!
Yesterday at church I had such a blast! I absolutely love the ward! Sometimes I feel tempted to ask the Lord to let me stay here another transfer, but I haven’t done so because I’m trying to live His will instead of mine. But this is definitely a ward that I will visit ASAP after my mission!
Bishop’s wife asked us to come into the Youth Sunday School class as the lesson was about teaching by the Spirit. There is a young man that shared an experience he had during the week as he followed the Spirit. It’s so good to see that even though the Youth here is pretty small, they all have strong testimonies. I loved spending time with the youth and just listening to their thoughts. We also had an opportunity during the lesson to share experiences we have had as missionaries to teach by the Spirit which I loved, because I just LOVE sharing Miracles! The Youth also got some time at the end to ask us questions, which was a lot of fun.
Since I have gone through the Temple, things have started making a lot more sense! Through my Doctrine and Covenants study, one of the key things I have been able to learn was that Missionary Work is the way to receive eternal life.
As we fulfil His Purpose, we fulfil our Potential” – His Purpose is to bring to pass our immortality and Eternal Life. Immortality has already been given to us, but Eternal Life is up to us. So how do we obtain Eternal Life?
Well, we need to become blameless before God. One of the first things I learned was that I can become clean of the blood and sins of this generation and that is, from what I have been able to gather from the scriptures, the only way that we can be truly saved. Now, the only way that we can become clean of the blood of this generation is by preaching the Gospel to everyone. That is why the first few sections in the D&C repeat the same thing over, and over, and over again! Preach the Gospel and it will bring you Joy. Preach the Gospel and you treasure up salvation to your Soul. And so on.
Missionary work IS the Gospel. Without it we cannot be saved. It becomes the duty of those who have been warned to warn others. This knowledge that I have gained will definitely change the course of my whole life as I want to be a missionary forever and not just 2 years.
I am very excited for this week! I will get to see my brother Elder Matute at Sports day! And of course, I will see a lot of Miracles happen here in Shrewsbury."

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