Thursday, 11 October 2012

Hello from... Shrewsbury!!

"It is true, I have been moved :'( How sad! I had grown to love Barrow so much that I was actually quite sad to be leaving! I would never have guessed I'd be sad 2 trasnfers ago :P haha
Shrewsbury is in the Newcastle zone (Stake) and it is such a pretty town! :D THERE'S A CASTLE!!!! But yeah... ;) haha
As for my new companion......
As in THE Elder Desir! How weird/fun is that?! :D I'll explain how everything happened.
First of all, Transfer calls are on Mondays with the whole Zone. That's the only time you find out if you are getting moved really unless you are training, follow-up training or becoming a leader.
Well, on Sunday Morning while we were doing our Personal Study we received a call from the Mission Home, from President Preston because he wanted to speak to Elder Matute. And then President Preston asked to speak to me.
"Hello Elder Pereira! What did you think of the announcement at General Conference last night, etc... As you probably heard, I called to extend an invitation to Elder Matute to train a new missionary. That means you will be moving from Barrow. And I'd like to extend you an invitation as well. I would like to invite you to Follow-up train Elder Desir in Shrewsbury, Newcastle Zone" :O :O :O "Do you accept the invitation?" Uhhhh... Of course President (I reminded myself of Elder Al-Jamal xD)
So yes... I've been made senior :/ And am follow-up training Elder Desir - that means this is his 2nd transfer.
I didn't think I'd be made senior this soon! Now I need to be more diligent and hard working!
I've only been here for about 18 hours, but I've already had Ward Correlation Meeting. SO GOOD. The Ward Mission Leader is AMAZING! Seriously, he gets things done! OH YEAH! I am so excited to have a good Ward Mission Leader! :D I haven't met many members yet, but the ones I've met are so nice! :D I love it already, seriously.
General Conference
When President Monson made that Historic announcement, we LITERALLY jumped out of our seats and were like "NO WAY! NO WAY! NO WAY! :O :O :O" We couldn't believe it!
There were SO many amazing talks! I loved it! Even though it was really weird to miss the very last session - and yes, that means I didn't get to hear from Elder Bednar :'(
But oh my days. Elder Holland's talk. WOW! Such an amazing talk! He had done a very similar talk for missionaries and Mission Presidents titled "Feed My Sheep", but this time he focused mainly in Peter. Wow. I was just amazed. If you look at my notes, everything looks really neat and tidy like this email, but then, BAM!
So yes, I did love that talk. :)
I also really enjoyed Pres Eyring's talk about the Gifts of the Spirit. I have been studying about them, so that really helped me! :D And Pres Monson's talk in Priesthood "The responsibility is upon us, Brethren. *motions towards EVERYONE*" Oooooo. :/
Elder Uchtdorf's talks were so good as well "Dear, this is a journey, not a race! Enjoy the moment!" Hehehehehe xD hahaha! Love it!
But yes! Such an amazing GenConf! It was all about Families and Missionary work though! :O
And oh yeah! Raquel, are you too thinking about going on a mission?! :O - President Preston asked me to tell that if you are, you should write down you'd like to come to the EMM xD haha! :)"

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