Monday, 15 October 2012

Week 1 in Shrewsbury!

"Wow! It is so weird to be in Shrewsbury and not Barrow! I was so used to being there already, I knew where EVERYTHING was, where everyone lived, it was great! Here, however, I am always lost! :O

Shrewsbury Ward

The Shrewsbury Ward is great! They were all so warm and welcoming to me! So nice! :) The ward has around... 50 members I'd say. A lot bigger than Barrow! The Gospel Priciples class is great! There were about 10 of us in the room. The Ward Mission Leader teaches the class and he is a hilarious man! Such a good WML! :)

The youth love us missionaries and so they always give us sweets! WOOOOO! :D haha It's the best! :) 

Elder Desir and I keep having a laugh!

Oh my days! It's been HILARIOUS! Seriously! It seems that every day something happens that just makes us laugh for the rest of the day!

Thursday - We were tracting and we weren't being very successful. At one point we were talking to an older gentleman who wanted to close the door, but wouldnt because we kept asking him questions. When we saw it was pointless, Elder Desir asked "Who do you know that would like to be with their family forever?" "No one" "Would YOU like to be with your family forever?" - As soon as he said that, a woman which we didn't know was in the house starts bursting out laughing! xD And Elder Desir can't control himself and laughs aswell! xD So I just tried to keep serious and said "Well... I hope you have a nice evening..." As the man closed the door, we laughed for about 5 mins xD

Friday - We were doing street contacting down a hill, facing incoming traffic. I saw a lady on a bike and tried to stop her, but she said "If I stop...*running out of breath* I won't be able to start again!" LOL!

Saturday - we had just been doing finding with a YM from the ward, and got a lift from his dad back into town, we get out of the car and each one of us tries to speak to someone. The man I approached ignored me, the girl Elder Desir approached stopped:

E.D."We are sharing a message about how families can last forever even after this life, but what would that mean to you?"
Girl "*laughs* That's crazyyyyy..."
E.P. "Wouldn't you like to be with your loved ones forever though?"
Girl "Of course!"
E.D. "Could we share this message with you right now?"
Girl "Ummm... I'm on my way to break up with my boooyfriend..."
Elder Desir gets super confounded
Girl "But... I could give you my number I guess..."
E.D. "Yeah... Uh... Well... Uh..." *he starts taking the phone out and puts it back in his pocket, takes the planner out but puts it back too
E.P. "Ok, if I give you our number, do you have credit to ring us so we have your number?"
Girl "yeah..."
It was HILARIOUS! xD What a timing we have! :P
Sunday - We approach an older gentleman and he says to us "It's ok lads, I'm already with British Gas" :S :L haha!

I am actually loving to serve here! And my District Leader is great! So funny! His name is Elder Tellem, and he is actually a friend of Annabel's! :)"


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