Sunday, 20 May 2012

"I've arrived!"

As we were driving home from dropping Elder Pereira off at the Preston MTC we got an e-mail from him!

"So, we are told to email our family telling them we have arrived safely ;)"

Even though we'd dropped him off and he'd only been in the MTC for about one hour, Elder Pereira had lots to tell us. He's in a room with three other Elders: Elder Davis from Utah, who reminds him of Elder Sorsbie (serving in Kenya); Elder Power from Missouri, who's really nice; and Elder Grimaldi from Italy, who is "HILARIOUS!" and has made them all laugh a lot. He's loving his roommates. One of the causes for their amusement was the realisation that everyone's bags were packed by their mum's and all had lots of food (mostly chocolate) and other things they didn't realise were in their bags; they have a "huge stash of chocolates and cookies." 

According to Elder Pereira most missionaries are from Italy, Germany and Holland and he has a hard time remembering their names. Most of them seem to be going to Scotland or Leeds but he's met a Sister from Holland who's also going to be serving in Manchester. Elder Power and Davis are going to the Scotland/Ireland mission and Elder Grimaldi is going to the Leeds mission.

A few hours later we received another e-mail from Elder Pereira as he had some free time and was allowed to write to us again. 

He is loving being at the MTC and is really excited about his mission. Make sure you write to him as I'm sure he'll love hearing from all of you! 

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