Tuesday, 29 May 2012

2nd week at the MTC.

The second P-Day was very busy for Elder Pereira as he had to get his haircut and go to shopping.

Elder Pereira and his companion Elder Davis got on really well which made them happy. He also really loves his district and says they have a really good time together and all work really hard. During personal study in the mornings they always put music on and they've found a hymn that they all love and have dubbed their "district theme song": Praise to the Man. In classroom instruction they sometimes practice teaching lessons to each other, which isn't always easy when one of the Elders is pretending to be a woman and they have to call him by a female name and talk about "her" husband. Elder Pereira points out the fact seminary has really prepared him for his mission by teaching him scripture references and what they mean; often the other missionaries ask him for help finding a particular scripture.

On the Friday before the P-Day all the missionaries from the MTC went to Manchester to do street contacting. Elder Pereira said it was hard as people were somewhat rude and would literally tell them to "go away please". However on the train to and from Manchester, Elder Pereira had some great experiences. A lady and her husband asked him if he had been to Utah (she knew about Mormons already) and they had a nice conversation; the couple was on their way to do some genealogy and he was able to talk to them about that and to give them a copy of the Book of Mormon, Family: A Proclamation to the World and a pass-along card. Elder Pereira and his companion also approached a young woman and gave her a pass-along card too. 

On the Sunday the missionaries went on a church history tour around the area. 

In regards to how much he enjoyed the food: 

"I have gained 5Kg! I now weigh 73Kg! Wooo! haha I eat like a king here! :P Main meal, with salad, a bowl of fruit, dessert, and a choice of drinks! For breakfast I have cereal, yoghurt and toast! (Raquel, THERE'S 4 JARS OF NUTELLA AT ALL TIMES!)"

Elder Pereira said he has loved the letters he's been getting from his friends, so keep sending them!


  1. I love how he pointed out how much Nutella there was!

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    2. Hahahaha, well Nutella is the best thing ever! :L