Monday, 21 January 2013

From snowy Shrewsbury

"What a mad week it has been! I would have never guessed it would have snowed this much even though it had already snowed last Sunday!
Anyway, this week despite it being very cold has been a great week! I finally saw Elder Packer’s talk about all weather being good weather being put into action! On Friday was when it really started snowing heavy here in Shrewsbury. Elder Debenham and I had made plans to go to a little town after lunch however, so we got on the train anyway. While we were on the train we got a phone call from Elder Cox telling us to try and see as many members and Less Active Members as possible, and stay out of the cold. Too late! We were heading into a town which has a total of 4 members! 3 of those are Less Active members who I have never met. When we got to Wem we tried to find the LA’s homes but only 1 of them actually existed! We decided to knock on 10 doors on each side of the house. By the 4th door we knocked, this lady and her husband invited us in for a hot chocolate because of the snow. It was great! They put our coats by the heaters, they had the fire on, and the hot chocolate was pretty fantastic too! This couple, plus their daughter, are believers of the Bible, and even though they go to a Baptist church, they don’t really say they are part of any denomination. Although they had asked us not to preach to them, soon enough they asked us why it was that we became Mormons. Of course, we shared with them about the Restoration! It went so well! I definitely think that Elder Debenham and I were led by the Spirit as it went so smoothly!

I am excited for the Miracles that will happen here in Shrewsbury. Even if I don’t get to reap any fruits myself, we are planting seeds like there is no tomorrow! It has been a fantastic week! Despite the weather, my heart is still warm and I love Shrewsbury. I love missionary work so much!"

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