Monday, 11 June 2012

"We walk, we teach, we preach, we approach, we plan, we practice, we write in our journals, we study and THEN we sleep for 8 hours!"

As a Portuguese/German companionship, one of the things that they were trying to find as soon as possible on Sunday was: who won the Portugal vs Germany game. It was only at 9:30pm on Sunday night that they found out the result.

Even though Elder Pereira keeps forgetting his birthday is tomorrow, Elder Leimgrub keeps reminding him as well as the investigators and less-active members. Elder Pereira says Elder Leimgrub is a great companion as he has been helping Elder Pereira to improve by giving him tips after each appointment.

They have a 10 year old investigator that will hopefully be baptised next month and an older lady who's daughter is a less-active member, who's also considering getting baptised. There are also two older men investigating the church. They've set up quite a few appointments for the week.

Elder Pereira said that being a missionary is strengthening his love and appreciation of missionary work and that it's weird to see how much missionaries do behind the scenes to help the ward grow and to strengthen the less-actives, investigators and active members' testimonies. 

His first Sunday in the Barrow Ward was very different as there were only about 30 people there and most of them were children. The missionaries passed the sacrament, then Elder Pereira bore his testimony, Elder Leimgrub did a talk and the Bishop said some closing remarks. The missionaries teach a CTR class in Primary every week which is fun.

For their P-Day their Landlord took them out to Piel Castle and the islands in the area and then treated them to lunch.

Elder Pereira is still loving every minute of his mission! Make sure you write to him as he loves getting letters:

Elder Tiago Pereira
England Manchester Mission
Springwood, Suite G5
Booths Park, Knutsford
WA16 8QZ
United Kingdom

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