Monday, 18 June 2012

19th birthday and "Jacob, The Master"...

On Tuesday the 12th it was Elder Pereira's 19th birthday! We sent him some birthday goodies, including a small birthday cake, which made him very happy! The letters that he received from his friends made his day even more special, he loves getting letters (keep writing)! We also sent him the notebook which we had been asking his friends to sign, he said he loved reading the messages and they made him so so happy!

The next day was Zone Conference. Many familiar faces and names were there; Elder Helzer, who's brother served in our ward a few years ago; Elder Tellem, a friend; and Elders Francis and Lamb from Elder Pereira's home Stake (Ipswich). Elder Pereira said he learnt a lot; him and his companion decided to work even harder, which gave them blisters. This week has been a lot of hard work as they've pushed themselves harder. It's been very rainy in their area but they've finally decided to purchase umbrellas...

Yesterday they had Stake Conference which was great. Elder Jensen (not Elder J Jensen) spoke about the Holy Ghost and some other things; Elder Pereira thought it was a great talk.

But one of Elder Pereira's top moments this week was the following:

"Elder Leimgrub and I were doing street contacting as we visited Less Actives and Former Investigators, when we started speaking to a man. We said hi and he was like:
"I know who you are..."
"Oh yeah? What do you know about us?"
"... You are... Good people."
"Oh... thank you... hahaha!" We were so confused. But then he said:
"I am a Master, a Masonic Master in the Master Lodge"
Now, he was drunk, so we couldn't even tell what he was really saying! But those were some of the words we understood. So we asked him if he knew who Joseph Smith was. His reply?
"I've heard many things. And many names..."
At this point I was already trying to not laugh, so Elder Leimgrub was the one speaking, and asked him if he believed in God to which Jacob replied:
"I have my own religion. We are free people. We come from *drunk babble*. We come from Distant Lands! ... *Looks to the side with eyes closed* ... We believe in the Temple."
Alright... Fair enough... haha we were so confused, so Elder Leimgrub introduced himself, and asked him his name to which he replied "Jacob" after thinking for a bit, and, as usual, Elder Leimgrub extended his arm for a handshake.
"WE DON'T DO HANDSHAKES... You're good people... Have a good day... You're good people..."
And then he walked off. Funniest moment ever!"

Even though Elder Pereira and Leimgrub can't watch the Euro 2012 matches, they are both very happy that Portugal and Germany got through. Elder Pereira said: "I am so happy about Portugal getting through too!!! If we hadn't, Elder Leimgrub would have teased me forever :P haha But yeah... Hopefully we can beat the Czecs too! :D"
For this week and next week too, Elder Pereira will be serving with Elder Francis (a friend from his home Stake) in Preston as an exchange with the Zone Leaders.

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