Friday, 8 June 2012

"Hello from my first area!"

Elder Pereira's first area is Barrow-in-Furness! His companion is Elder Leimgrub from Munich, Germany who's been out for one year and is taller than Elder Pereira!

Barrow is really up North and according to Elder Pereira "it's a really pretty place". His area includes two islands which can be accessed via bridges. The ward has around 40 members. Elder Pereira sometimes finds it hard to understand the accent up there.

On his first day there, they managed to give out a Book of Mormon to some ladies and to make an appointment with them. Elder Pereira said it's now easy to stop people to talk to them; they have managed to set up 3 appointments for the next week. He also had a funny experience to share:

"Ooh!!! As we were walking, two drunk men also approached us. One of them said he wanted to know what we had to say about Christ, and wouldn’t let us leave! The other one was saying that if we didn’t leave, he’d beat us up. That was a rather scary yet funny experience! Hahaha Don’t worry mum, I am safe! I’m on the Lord’s side! :D"

It rained a lot that day...

On the day where the missionaries got their new companions, Elder Pereira met Elder McFadgen. Elder Pereira's dad served with Elder McFadgen's dad in the Portugal Porto Mission... 25 years ago.

He is loving being "an actual missionary"!

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