Monday, 12 November 2012

I love being a missionary!

"I love being a missionary so much! You just see so many miracles! It’s wonderful! Let me tell you about a couple of miracles we were able to see today!

So, on Wednesda, we had about 30mins to do some proselyting before our flat inspectors came to see how our flat was looking, so we decided to go out, into town – which we never do as town is always too crowded of “busy” people. Anyway, it was evening time, so there weren’t as many people out!

As we were walking through town, I saw a young man, with really long hair, Punk-ish look who looked sort of familiar, and both Elder Desir and I were certain we’d spoken to him before. However, I decided to approach him anyway as there is nothing wrong with a second chance! Turns out we had never actually spoken to him before. We had a really nice conversation with him about the Gospel. As we were trying to set up an appointment, Elder Desir said “I am sure you are very busy…” to which he replied “Not really… I have about 10 more minutes…” We were both shocked! But of course took this opportunity to sit on a bench and teach him the First Lesson. He was GOLDEN! He understood the need for baptism, and when I felt inspired to do so, I invited him to follow the example of Jesus Christ which he accepted! The only sad thing about it: He is from Yorkshire. We left him with a copy of the book of Mormon which he actually asked for, and a pamphlet of the Restoration. I am very confident that he will read and pray about it.

The second Miracle that amazed me happened on Friday. After we got out of the house, as we were going up the road, a man crossed the road to meet with us. So I approached him and told him about our message. He told us that we’d tried speaking to him before, but he’d been having a miserable day so just brushed us off, however, as we were walking in the same direction, we could share with him our message."

We ended up walking with him all the way to his house, he invited us in, we sat down and shared with him about our message, and before we left we set up a return appointment. He is a Baptist and so he kept asking us about being saved by grace and not works. He also spoke about the dead not having a second chance after this life, and when we mentioned 1 Corinthians 15:29, he said that he had never come across that scripture before.
I love being a missionary and meeting so many different and nice people! It’s one of the things I love most! Shrewsbury Ward truly is a great Ward! I love it! The members are really nice, and they really like the missionaries. There is nothing I love more than when members and missionaries work together!"

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