Monday, 26 November 2012

Crazy tranfer's week!

"I realised at the beginning of this last week that all the District Leaders I’ve had so far have gone home! What a scary thought! Just shows how quickly a mission goes! But now that I have Elder Bunker as my District Leader, I know he will be here until two transfers before I go home!
Elder Desir and I had a great weekend! We have been trying to be more ourselves, and try different ways of doing missionary work.
On Saturday, we played some basketball with a recent convert and a load of his friends. They are all from the Philippines, and are really nice. Most of them had also met missionaries before in the Philippines so they kept asking us “Do you speak Tagalog? Because the missionaries in the Philippines do, and they are really good at it!” It was fun. We are hoping to play again with them this week, and while one of us plays, the other will be sitting down and teaching whoever else is sitting down. All of them also have families, so we really want to get teaching them and their families! It would definitely help the ward here in Shrewsbury to grow!
Then yesterday (Sunday) we had tea at our Italian Investigator’s home! There are ALWAYS other people there too! Now, everyone there was catholic besides us 2… But I think we did pretty well! At one point they were arguing about the big Cathedrals that the Catholic Church has, some of them agreed that they were necessary and some of them thought they were pointless. The investigator's son, asked us if we had any big buildings, and what our view was about it. I explained about how just like in the times of the Old Testament we have Temples, the House of the Lord – we even showed them pass along cards of the Salt Lake and the Preston Temples – and that the reason why they are so beautiful is because as an offering to the Lord from us, we build it with the best materials we can. The investigator then asked us if we really thought that God wanted such a building, so we used the Bible to reply to her question. I mentioned about how Jesus Christ, during his Ministry, drove the money changers out of the Temple because it was his Father’s house, and so we know for a fact that it is something that is important to God.
It was great! Whenever they were talking, there were multiple conversations going on at once, however, when we spoke, there was absolute silence, and it was almost unnerving to speak up because of how much silence there was!
When we were leaving, the investigator told us that she would like to come to our church in two weeks as she has never been to a “Mormon Church” before but ‘…would like to know what it is all about”.
This week should be really amazing! We are packed with things to do today – from spending time with one of the Priests, to an appointment-packed evening tonight – then there is the temple tomorrow!
Elder Desir and I are so excited to go to the Temple! It’s been so long since we have last gone in! I miss it so much! And now I definitely have a LOT more questions to take in with me than last time!
Can’t wait to feel of that Spirit and Love which can only really be felt at the Temple."

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