Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Bank Holiday... Library closed... late and short email! ;)

"This has been a week full of growing experiences! The Lord definitely knows both mine and Elder Hill’s weaknesses and has been helping us a lot to just grow so much!
I love my calling to train! I think you find out more about yourself when you are training than any other time! I guess that is what it will be like to be raising children. As for my son, he is doing so well! He gets better and better by the day! He calls me his daddy the whole time so you bet I feel like a dad! haha Something I love about Elder Hill however is how teachable he is! He sees Improvements as a way to learn and grow, not as criticism. I am so happy about that as I am always scared I will offend someone’s feelings whenever I give improvements. He also understands the WHY behind the things we do. He understands that every single principle we learn is there for a reason and can help our investigators get where the Lord wants them to get.
Our flat is spotless! <3 You should have seen our half hour cleaning yesterday! We were machines!But neither of us is brave enough to even try to clean the microwave :/ BLEURGH! haha
I am also having some of the best companionship studies because him and I keep on speaking about the things we have learnt throughout the day. I am so happy to have Elder Hill as my new companion!"

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