Monday, 16 July 2012

End of first transfer.

Today was the end of Elder Pereira's first transfer and he's staying in Barrow with Elder Leimgrub! On Wednesday all the greenies had a training meeting with the Assistants and they were told about study journals and taught on some good ways to keep one, which Elder Pereira was happy to know more about as he is excited to learn more through this method.

Elder Pereira was also feeling very happy about a spiritual experience they had with an investigator and with the spiritual growth that was apparent in their investigators. Things became even better when some of the investigators attended church on Sunday.

But this week he had some "exciting news" to tell us:

"Now, for the exciting news!
Yesterday we got a call from the Assistants but couldnt pick it up, so they left a voice mail.
It was the new Assistant speaking and said something along the lines of:
Hello Elders! This is Elder *IDon'tKnowHisName* and this is a message for Elder Pereira! President has asked you that you start making preparations to take a Driving License for Automatic Cars! If you have any questions, just ring me back!
So yeah... I'm going to get a driving license! How weird is that?! haha
According to Elder Leimgrub's it means that I am super awkward and so President is going to send me to the Office... Hahahaha! But he also said that the Office is every missionary's dream... so whatever happens because of this license, I am happy! :D"

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